Sisters With Addison's Disease

Olivia was diagnosed with Addison's disease at almost 3 years old in July 2008. Little sister, Kinsley, was diagnosed with Addison's @ 7 months in Feb. 2011. We now know they were both born with it! Addison's Disease is an extremely rare disease occuring in about 1 in 400,000 people. Also called Adrenal Insufficiency, the adrenal glands do not produce cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone essential to life, and effects almost every organ in your body. It helps your body cope with any type of stress, both physical or mental. It often goes undiagnosed until an emergency situation called an Addisonian Crisis. With lifetime daily steriods (Hydrocortisone) both girls are expected to have normal, happy lives...just with a little extra precaution and lots of extra love. We are so thankful both our girls were disgnosed before it was too late.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In case there was any doubt...Always a "Diva"

Just in case there was any doubt that Livvie is a total Diva...Here ya go. Proof. Even while feeling her worse with an IV in her arm and nurses coming in and taking blood and giving meds, she still finds time to demand foot rubs. lol Can you blame Mema for giving in?
She looks a little too relaxed here. I even see a bit of a smile! I have to say that is pretty sad how comfortable she looks. She has had more than her share of naps in those hospital beds.

Always a lady. =) Poor thing...look at her hand all wrapped up with an IV. At least they put pretty tape on it this time. Purple with flowers.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Latest news from the Endocrinologist...Monday Aug, 25 2008

Ok, so I just got off the phone with the old endocrinologist who saw Olivia while she was in the hospital. Good news the long chain fatty acid test came back and shows she Livvie does NOT have ALD ( Adrenoleukodystrophy). YAY! We were really scared about that test. She also said that another test came back with in normal range which most likely rules out Autoimmune. Also great news. Her thoughts at this time are that Olivia has Adrenal hypolasia. ( I am a little confused about this because when I googled it, it doesn't really sound like anything we have come across, as far as symptoms but I don't know. I'll ask the new doctor) This means that she was born with small adrenal glands and at first it didn't pose a problem because they were supplying enough cortisol, and as she gets bigger, her adrenal glands aren't producing enough to keep up with her. This is why her disease seems to be evolving and progressively getting worse.
She said that Olivia seems to have Primary Addisons disease which means that the problem is from her adrenal glands and has nothing to do with her pituitary glands. I asked about her thyroid since the test results before showed high TSH and thyroid antibodies which usually means Autoimmune...since she said that Liv doesn't seem to have autoimmune, and she said that it is something they will have to keep an eye on. (Which I think really means that she has no clue).

So anyway, over all, today's news was good. No ALD and No Autoimmune. =)

We should have more labs back from the new Endo next week. I'll let you know what they show!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Olivia's First Health Blog...

Here we go...
Ok so this is going to be the place to come to find out the latest news regarding Livvie's health.
I guess I will get everyone up to speed as far as what we know so far.
During Olivia's last three day stay at the hospital for low blood sugar, we requested that they test her for Addison's Disease. A adrenal gland disease that my mom found online after seeing the geneticist at Shands. The first day in the ER they tested her cortisol and indeed it was low. That ment that her body wasn't responding to stress the way it should. They ordered a CT of her adrenal glads which came back that her adrenal glands were smaller than usual. Which by itself doesn't mean much, but in addition to a diagnoses of Addison's it could. They also order something called a ACTH stimulation test. They draw blood to establish a baseline cortisol level. They then put an synthetic version of ACTH, which is the chemical that tells the adrenal glands to release cortisol when your body is under stress. An hour later they draw blood again and see if her cortisol levels have gone up. Well, guess what...they said her levels stayed the same. Therefore we got a diagnosis! She has Addison's Disease ( aka Adrenal insufficiency). She was placed on Cortef ( a hydrocortisone tablet) and Florinef ( a salt tablet b/c her body has a hard time retaining required levels of salt).
Once home we started with the daily routine of crushing pills and slipping it into her yogurt of applesauce. She now takes half a Cortef pill three times a day and 1/2 a salt pill in the morning.

A week after leaving the hospital, we followed up with the endocrinologist. She then told us that Olivia had a high TSH level and that she also has antibodies against her thyroid which could mean autoimmune. She is currently being tested for Autoimmune polyglandular syndrome.

So, basically, there is a lot that we still don't know. One thing we know for sure though, is that Olivia is a differernt kid! In a good way! We have never seen her so happy. In fact she has recently taken up making a scene in restaurants, stores and just about everywhere else. Not temper tantrums if that's what you are thinking, but laughing fits! She will try to lay on the ground cracking up! Although a little embarrassing, we are so happy to see her in a good mood. Also I know many of you will be happy to hear that she is starting to put a little meat on those bones. She has developed a good appetite. I don't think she eats anymore than other kids her age, and in fact still might be less, but for her she has made huge improvements. Yay! She will even eat some meats. =)

Well that is just about all I know for now.
I will keep you all updated on the latest test results etc.